Friday, September 10, 2010

Top 15 NBA Prospects in the Big East (11-15)

11. Dane Miller- Rutgers Sophomore. 6’6’’ 210 lbs. 

A player who has as much potential as anyone on this list, Dane Miller showed flashes of brilliance in his first year at Rutgers.  Most notable his 26 point 7-rebound performance against Providence and a 26 point 8 rebound 6-assist game against Villanova.  He was second among Big East freshman in scoring and rebounding.  Miller has all the tools to become a big time NBA player but he will need to stay focused and continue to work on his shooting.             

12. Austin Freeman- Georgetown Senior. 6’3’’ 227 lbs.
The ultimate glue guy for Georgetown could be a sleeper in next years NBA draft.  He has a superb jumper to go along with an extremely high basketball IQ. He hit almost 45% of his 3's last year. Anyone that can shoot like that can find their way into the NBA.  He is a bit undersized for the NBA and has a lack of quickness, which will ultimately hurt him in the long run. That does not mean he cannot be a solid role player in the NBA though. Freeman should be able to find his way into the second round of the 2011 NBA Draft.

13. Dion Waiters- Syracuse Freshman. 6’3’’ 215 lbs.
Scout rank: 27
Rivals rank: 29
An absolute monster of a guard, he is built like a linebacker. I see him being a Ben Gordon type of player at the next level.  Another prize recruit for Jim Boeheim, Waiters should play a big role for Syracuse this year. While it is likely that he will be the 6th man for them, he should have a very intriguing role coming off the bench for the Orange.  I have no doubts that he will put up multiple 20-point performances in his first year.  It looks like his game will translate to an NBA shooting guard. He really is going to have to improve his jump shot and 3-point shot if he is going to make it at the next level.  Waiter’s committed to Syracuse before playing a high school game and will have his cousin Scoop Jardine as a mentor during his freshman year.  Waiters had many problems in high school and was forced to transfer schools multiple times, but having his cousin along his side will be crucial to his development.  Assistant coach Rob Murphy thinks that Waiters will be the surprise of the team for the Orange this year. I think it will ultimately take two years at Syracuse before Dion officially declares for the draft, but look for Waiters to be one of the premiere prospects when the 2012 draft comes along.

14. Eniel Polynice- Seton Hall Senior. 6’5’’ 220 lbs.

A versatile guard who can do almost everything transferred this year from Ole Miss.  He averaged about 9 points and 4 assists last year, and will have to be a playmaker for Seton Hall to be competitive. He has great size for a player with such a solid skill set. He could easily make first team all Big East in his first year and with a big year for Seton Hall he will be making a lot of money for years to come.

15. Terrence Jennings- Louisville Junior. 6’10’’ 240 lbs.

Jennings is the biggest enigma on the prospect list. He was a big time recruit in high school but just hasn't put it all together in college.  He only played about 13 minutes a game last year, but with Samardo Samuels gone, Louisville will look for Jennings to have a huge year in their frontcourt.  He has great size for the NBA with long arms and very good physical potential.  His post game is all based on athleticism as he has a go to spin move when he is on the block.  It's hard to believe that a player with his physical tools has done virtually nothing at the college level and it will be interesting to see if he can finally put everything together this year. For someone that once looked like a sure fire NBA prospect, Jennings has a long way to go if he is ever going to get drafted.

Also considered: Mouphta Yarou, Brandon Triche, Roscoe Smith, Vander Blue, Rick Jackson, Jeremy Hazell, Darius Johnson-Odom, Herb Pope, Jimmy Butler, Yancy Gates 

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